About Us

Get New Wave was originally started when 3 guys had a vision. A vision to represent the new comers or as we like to call them the "New Wave" in the music industry. Kobe and Skyler have always had a knack of wanting to own a business ever since they started a sneaker key-chain selling website back in high-school. After that failed very much so, the two graduated and went off their separate ways. Skyler went to college at Arizona State University for 1 year to study Sports Journalism. After his one tenure at ASU, Skyler realized that this was not for him so he decided to leave school and move back home. The same goes for Kobe, he did online schooling for Music Production, but did not like the schooling either, so he decided to leave school too. During Skyler's time at ASU, Kobe met, Varro, the best music producer in Montana. Before Skyler came back, Kobe and Varro made a bond together over their passion for music, so when Skyler came back in the Summer of 2017, their friendship was already tightly knitted.

Over the summer the 3 worked hard on their craft, Skyler with his photography and videos, Kobe with his song writing and rapping, and Varro with his music producing all while doing multiple shows in a few months span. One day in the summer, Kobe thought of the duo name for him and Varro to be 'Varromari.' As the summer went on the three got better and better. Ideas were flowing left and right with what they wanted to do. First the idea came to make a music project called "Varromari" which just released February 23, 2018 on all major streaming platforms. This project has been in the works since last year. Later on in the year, the idea of New Wave was born. Kobe caught himself using the same emojis on his iPhone on various Instagram and Facebook captions of the Wave and Hibiscus flower emojis. This stuck with them and slowly, this caught on with the rest of the group and the idea and brand of New Wave took off. The three all knew they wanted to become that "New Wave" and represent all of the young hip-hop music gurus and set trends for them all.

In the fall of 2017, Kobe and Skyler tried to push for New Wave merchandise to be marketed and sold but this did not work out because the 2 were not satisfied with the logo and how everything was going. So over a two month break from the brand of New Wave, subtly hinting of what is to come, the group had their logo professionally done. And once they finally decide on a logo, Get New Wave was born.



Email: newwaveapparel1019@gmail.com

Twitter/Instagram: @GetNewWave